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Meet Jo

I thought I was headed to Elizabethtown College for an  Occupational Therapy degree. A month before time to go I changed my mind, my parents were shocked and very gracious. However, they gave me two weeks to figure out what I was going to do. Having a friend that was planning on going to Cosmetology school, I thought I may like that. 

I remember that first day driving to Cosmetology school thinking I’ve made some very big decisions and I better make myself like this decision to change course. I’ve been so very blessed, I’ve never had to make myself like my decision, I’ve loved this hair business from day one. And, yes, 45 years of being in this business, I still LOVE it!!

I treasure becoming a tiny part of my clients lives, that has brought me great joy. I believe developing a relationship with clients assists in creating hair styles that truly work for their lifestyle.

I feel blessed working for a salon that values relationships, values continued education, values using only the best hair products, and strives to be inspiring.

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